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Hello, my name is Nicole. I am an 8th grader here at Blackstock Junior High. This is my first year in Journalism and I am extremely ecstatic about it. One goal I want to accomplish this year is to be able to write stories that I know other people will find interesting. There will be no specific topics; I will always choose something different when it comes to my stories.  I have a wide array of interest.  I also enjoy many activities such as listening to music and I am always singing, but I’m very cautious when I am outside of my room. Something I also like to do is to swim at the pool. I also like the beachm but I have a slight fear of swimming there. One of my other favorite tasks  is play with my dog and my guinea pig although my guinea pig doesn’t really do much besides sit and stare. Something that I have not done enough of but will in my future is travel. As a teen, of course I do like to be lazy some days and not really do anything except lay around and watch movies.  That is me in a nutshell; you will learn more about me and my interests this year on The Panther Page.

Nicole, Staff Writer

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The student news site of Blackstock Junior High School