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Hi, my name is Deegan.  I am a seventh grader and one of Journalism’s returning team members. You might remember me last year, I was the guy who wore crazy socks every day. I am a big fan of the WWE or wrestling in general.  I love collecting wrestling figurines, and wrestling merchandise; my favorite wrestlers are Finn Balor, Sasha Banks, and Shinsuke Nakamura to name a few. I know a lot about wrestling, you might as well call me the BIGGEST fan of wrestling! My favorite meal to eat is any type of ramen especially beef and oriental flavor. I also love eating at In and Out; I always order the “Double-Double” because why not, it’s twice as good. What I love to wear should be obvious because I wear them all the time, I love wearing crazy socks. My favorite hobby of all time is swimming. Michael Phelps is my inspiration to swim; one of my life goals I want to achieve is to beat Michael Phelps' Olympic Medal Record. I hope that I make the video bulletin more interesting. Have a great year Panthers! Please read my stories every two weeks.

Deegan, Staff Writer

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