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Hi my name is Brandon, this is my second year in journalism, last year I had a small part in this class, but now I have a bigger part in my opinion. I like to write stories that are related to sports, gaming, or shows so if you enjoy that genre then come here to look for things related to that. Some hobbies I have after school and on the weekends are soccer, a little bit of gaming, and drawing. Some foods I enjoy are tamales, a teriyaki bowl, and shrimp. I don’t really have a good idea of what I would like to become when I'm older, but one day, I will have an idea in mind. Also for those who don’t know this, is that I joined this class with my friends Andrew, Ryan, and Yahir. I joined this class because I wanted to become more independent and meet new people. So this is my last year and I am confident that I will do great this year and promote from this school. If you guys see me around feel free to say hi and I will do my best this year to be productive for the bulletin. This was a little about me and I hope you guys enjoy the bulletin and have a great year.

Brandon, Staff Writer

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