To the Women, Who Empower Us!

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 Oprah. Michelle Obama. Lady Gaga. Wait, why am I naming all of these strong and sensational women? Mainly because they’re strong and sensational woman as the question states! Last week, on Thursday it was International Women’s Day. A day that honors all sorts of beautiful and rare women such as the queer women, the women who fight for their nation, and women come in every extraordinary color, shape, and size, and so many more women! There’s nearly an exclamation mark in every sentence because I am so pumped up for this day! Why? Well is that even an eligible question? It’s women that get me this pumped up. I mean they’re so amazing and they have a whole day to celebrate them?! That’s even better but now let’s focus on what actually makes them so special. The history of women can date way back as far as the time where most of us weren’t even born then. The history of them can be found everywhere however, the history of how fairly they were treated was created until some time ago. Women were sadly once treated so unfairly that other women had to stand up against it. In many history classes, they’d teach about how men were the better and superior gender since they did more. Although most of what they did wasn’t always “great”. Mainly because they were once filled with the thoughts that women couldn’t do what they’re doing. Just because they were born as a woman! They couldn’t do the things men once did such as rule, lead, or create. The only things that they “could” do was cook dinner, and teach, procreate, and be a mother. We only be the nurse and never the doctor. Women were taught that since they’re women, they’re suppose to be the supporting character and to act as the role they were suppose to play. Being a woman was such a dishonor back then that being called something relating to that was somehow offense and showed that you were weak. Oh, how the times have changed since then, for the better.


  Along the timeline, women shortly became able to do other things now. Those small things ended up affecting history now. When you search up women you no longer see that it’s the word for the definition weak. You’d get images and websites upon female names such as Amelia Earhart and Rosa Parks who made it in our history books with their faces plastered against older men. You’d get female superheroes who aren’t just viewed as “pretty things” anymore but simply as heros. You’d get names and more names of amazing women making the world easier, safer, and even better for other women and men too. Yes, even men because even after all of this trouble with women and them being treated like they were less than they actually are, they still think of men as their own people that they should also respect. They know what it feels like to feel less so they try not to make anyone else feel like that. So let’s thank the year 1975 for creating such a wonderful day to celebrate women. Happy late Women’s Day to all the astonishing women out there in the world!

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