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Six Months Later…

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The war in Iraq has been going on for many years between ISIS and the United States. Six months ago, U.S. president, Donald Trump, has promised an assault attack to Mosul, Iraq. His promised was fulfilled and he sent troops to invade the city and drew ISIS away. With the assault,  attached an airstrike.  According to Major General Najim al-Jubouri, commander of the Mosul operation, President Trump has launched more airstrikes than Obama.

The end results of the City was left with wreckage and  death. Citizens scavenging the wreckage commonly find corpses of children holding on to their parents or toys. The city on the other hand, was left desolate and the buildings left standing were either destroyed or are going to collapse at any minute. A girl’s corpse was found with debris, holding a grey toy rabbit. She doesn’t have any identification with her, but the workers think her parents will recognize through her stuffed animal. But not many people were killed from the debris, more importantly, they were killed by ISIS in the crossfire as some were used as human shields.

Today, the city has become a city of destruction with many people trying to survive with the supplies they find from what is left from their homes. Even though ISIS was defeated by the U.S and the Middle East, this has left many people homeless. President Trump hasn’t sent any troops or medical supplies to help out the people of Iraq, but only time will tell when this is over.

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Six Months Later…