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Our school is getting larger and larger with new kids each year. When the school gets too big, and we don’t have enough teachers, they bring some more in, and that’s exactly what Blackstock did. So, we thought it would be good to get to know our new teachers. Today we interviewed one of the newest 6th grade teachers, Mr. Grange.

Mr. Grange is a new 6th grade teacher here at Blackstock Junior High School. He was born on June 19th in Boulder, Colorado. He is located in the 6th grade portables in room 41 and has been teaching for more than 2 years. Mr. Grange is teaching 6th grade math, science, P.E., and elective. He studied in CSUCI (California State University, Channel Islands) and Ventura College and graduated in Liberal Studies.

Mr. Grange shared many reasons why he decided to be a teacher, but what really inspired him was his 6th grade teacher. Mr. Grange also believes that being a teacher will impact the people of tomorrow to be good citizens. During his free time, Mr. Grange loves to mountain bike, go to the beach, and most especially hang out with his family. According to one of his students, Mr. Grange is the most optimistic and happy teacher. The student also said, “He is already one of my favorites and the best teacher ever!”

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