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The Heat Is On in California

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In the week of September 8-11, there was a massive heat wave that raised the temperature, lowered the happiness of students, and made some Blackstock teachers hot and sticky in their oven-like classrooms.

The reason that this excruciating heat wave settled over southern California is because of upcoming thunder and dry lightning to arrive with El Niño. Whether it’s because of the upcoming storms or an alien attack, this heat wave has left people old and young dying for some escape from the heat. Here’s what some say about the heat wave in Southern California.


“It was very hot and hot with one drop of rain. I thoroughly hated it.”



“It was uncomfortably hot for my taste. I would have enjoyed it raining rather than this heat.”



“I believe I was about to have a heat stroke. I was uncomfortably sweating constantly and I hated it a lot.”



“I thought it was excruciatingly hot. It was not the weather for my taste.”



“It was really hot. I kind of liked it at some times, but I hated it most.”



“I think this heat was torture and it left me all sticky and sweaty. I would prefer to have it raining. The pools are nasty, the classrooms were a disaster. I hated it. ”



Obviously, the pain of this heat wave affected us. This heat wave brought in an era of lethargy, pain, and sticky sweat. Thank goodness for the passing of this odd heat storm! Now we will be grateful for the upcoming rain even more!  It will be important to consider how we will contend with this heat if our planet temperature continues to rise.  Learning in sweltering classrooms for the majority of the year will pose new challenges and require innovative solutions.  The heat is on.


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One Response to “The Heat Is On in California”

  1. Ms. Verardo on December 8th, 2015 1:54 pm

    Let’s just say I was VERY happy to have an air conditioned room during the heat wave!

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The Heat Is On in California